Provide Drush 8, 9 and Drupal console commands to sample statistical data for the Thunder performance project.

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This module offers sampling of data for the Thunder performance project.


Your project should be setup to use composer for installing required modules. Projects, that are differently setup are not supported.

This module provides Drush and Drupal console commands only. If you do not already use either Drush or Drupal console, install one of them before continuing.

See and for more information on how to install them.


In your project root do:

composer require thunder/sampler

Then enable the sampler module, either with command line or in the admin ui. Flush the caches and you are ready to go.


Do not use the commands on a production system! It might slow your system down.

In your docroot call either:

drush sampler:report


drupal sampler:report

You should see a json containing the sampled data. If you prefer to put the information into a file add a filename as parameter:

drupal sampler:report --file=report.json

This will write the data into the file report.json in your docroot.

By default, the sampler replaces bundle names with generic names. if you want to see the actual bundle names in the report, you can switch the behaviour with the anonymize option:

drupal sampler:report --anonymize=0