Composer plugin to improve composer performance for Drupal projects

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1.2.0 2020-10-22 13:26 UTC


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This composer-plugin contains a set of improvements that makes running heavy duty composer commands (i.e. composer update or composer require) much faster.

Composer 2

Since Composer 2 is quite fast by default, this plugin is not needed, and will be disabled if Composer 2 is detected. If everyone involved in development of a project is using Composer 2, this plugin becomes redundant and can be removed from the list of project dependencies.


composer require zaporylie/composer-drupal-optimizations:^1.1 --dev

No configuration required 🎊


  • Reduce memory usage and CPU usage by removing legacy symfony tags


Following numbers are for clean without and with this plugin.


Memory usage: 323.19MB (peak: 1121.09MB), time: 13.68s


Memory usage: 238.66MB (peak: 297.17MB), time: 4.84s

php 7.2, macOS High Sierra, i7, 16GB RAM


If no configuration is provided this package will provide sensible defaults based on the drupal/core version constraint in the root composer.json file. Default configuration should cover 99% of the cases. However, in case you want to manually specify the tags that should be filtered out you are welcome to use the extra section:

  "extra": {
    "composer-drupal-optimizations": {
      "require": {
        "symfony/symfony": ">3.4"

Recommendation note: Use defaults (skip config above) if possible - this package will be maintained throughout the Drupal's lifecycle in order to optimize legacy constraints in parallel with Drupal's requirements.

All you have to do is to make sure your drupal core constraint in the root composer.json is set to drupal/core: ^8.5 or above. If you use a Drupal distribution, be sure to explicitly require drupal/core in your own project as well.


  • Symfony community - idea and development; Special thanks to @nicolas-grekas
  • Jakub Piasecki - port and maintenance