The Drupal Console is a CLI tool to generate boilerplate code, interact and debug Drupal 8.

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The Drupal Console is a CLI tool to generate boilerplate code for, interact with, and debug Drupal 8.

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in the releases page

Required PHP version

PHP 5.5.9 or higher is required to use the Drupal Console application.

Supported Drupal version

The Drupal 8 supported version is Drupal 8.0.2.

Drupal Console documentation

You can read or download the Drupal Console documentation at bit.ly/console-book.

Drupal Console support

You can ask for support at Drupal Console gitter chat room http://bit.ly/console-support.

Installing Drupal Console

# Run this in your terminal to get the latest Console version:
curl https://drupalconsole.com/installer -L -o drupal.phar

# Or if you don't have curl:
php -r "readfile('https://drupalconsole.com/installer');" > drupal.phar

# Accessing from anywhere on your system:
mv drupal.phar /usr/local/bin/drupal

# Apply executable permissions on the downloaded file:
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/drupal

# Show all available commands.
drupal list

# Copy configuration files.
drupal init --override

# Update to the latest version.
drupal self-update

More information about using this project at the official documentation.

Getting the project to contribute


Fork your own copy of the Console repository to your account


Get a copy of your recently cloned version of console in your machine.

$ git clone git@github.com:[your-git-user-here]/DrupalConsole.git

Install dependencies

Now that you have cloned the project, you need to download dependencies via Composer.

$ cd /path/to/DrupalConsole
$ composer install

Running the project

After using Composer to download dependencies, you can run the project by executing:

$ bin/drupal

Create a symbolic link

You can run this command to easily access the Drupal Console from anywhere on your system:

$ sudo ln -s /path/to/DrupalConsole/bin/drupal /usr/local/bin/drupal

NOTE: The name drupal is just an alias you can name it anything you like.

More information about how to contribute with this project at the official documentation.

Enabling Autocomplete

# You can enable autocomplete by executing
drupal init

# Bash: Bash support depends on the http://bash-completion.alioth.debian.org/
# project which can be installed with your package manager of choice. Then add 
# this line to your shell configuration file.
source "$HOME/.console/console.rc" 2>/dev/null

# Zsh: Add this line to your shell configuration file.
source "$HOME/.console/console.rc" 2>/dev/null

# Fish: Create a symbolic link
ln -s ~/.console/drupal.fish ~/.config/fish/completions/drupal.fish

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