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Splash router universal module

This package integrates thecodingmachine/splash-router in any container-interop compatible framework/container.


composer require thecodingmachine/splash-service-provider

Once installed, you need to register the TheCodingMachine\Splash\DI\SplashServiceProvider into your container.

If your container supports thecodingmachine/discovery integration, you have nothing to do. Otherwise, refer to your framework or container's documentation to learn how to register service providers.


Splash provides a service-provider to be easily integrated in any container-interop/service-provider compatible framework/container.

If you need a complete working sample, check the Splash standalone installation guide.

This service provider will provide a default Splash router.

It requires an instance of Doctrine's annotation reader to be available.

Note: you can get a service provider providing a Doctrine annotation reader using the following packages:

composer require thecodingmachine/doctrine-annotations-universal-module

It will use a PSR-6 cache if the cache is available. Note: you can get a service provider providing a working PSR-6 cache using the following packages:

composer require thecodingmachine/stash-universal-module

This will install Stash and its related service-provider.

Expected values / services

This service provider expects the following configuration / services to be available:

Name Compulsory Description
thecodingmachine.splash.controllers yes An array of controller name (this is the name of the identifier of the controller in the container)
thecodingmachine.splash.mode no The mode of Splash (whether it allows output or not). Can be SplashUtils::MODE_STRICT or SplashUtils::MODE_WEAK
Doctrine\Common\Annotations\Reader yes An instance of Doctrine's annotation reader.
CacheItemPoolInterface::class no The PSR-6 cache pool used to cache the routes
LoggerInterface::class no An optional PSR-3 logger
thecodingmachine.splash.debug no If true, Splash will display an error with the 'echoed' output in strict mode. Defaults to true.
thecodingmachine.splash.root_url (or root_url) no The base URL of the application. Defaults to '/'.

Provided services

This service provider provides the following services:

Service name Description
TheCodingMachine\Splash\Routers\SplashRouter The Splash PSR-15 Middleware
thecodingmachine.splash.route-providers A list of "route providers" for Splash (an array of UrlProviderInterface). Each route provider is in charge of feeding routes to Splash. By default, this array contains an instance of the ControllerRegistry that scans routes of the controllers.
TheCodingMachine\Splash\Services\ControllerRegistry Instance of ControllerRegistry.
ParameterFetcherRegistry Registry class referencing all parameter fetchers
thecodingmachine.splash.parameter-fetchers A list of ParameterFetcher instances
SplashRequestFetcher An instance of SplashRequestFetcher (to autofill the attributes type-hinted on the ServerRequestInterface)
SplashRequestParameterFetcher An instance of SplashRequestParameterFetcher (to autofill attributes from the request)
thecodingmachine.splash.mode Defaults to strict mode

Extended services

This service provider registers the SplashDefaultRouter::class in the MiddlewareListServiceProvider::MIDDLEWARES_QUEUE.

Service name Description
MiddlewareListServiceProvider::MIDDLEWARES_QUEUE Adds the Splash middleware to this queue (to be used by external routers)