Universal package, following the #East programming philosophy, build on Teknoo/East-Foundation (and Teknoo/Recipe), and implementing a basic CMS to display dynamics pages with different types and templates.

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Universal package, following the #East programming philosophy, build on Teknoo/East-Foundation (and Teknoo/Recipe), and implementing a basic CMS to display dynamics pages with different types and templates.

Example with Symfony

//These operations are not reauired with teknoo/east-website-symfony

    compilation_path: '%kernel.project_dir%/var/cache/phpdi'
      - '%kernel.project_dir%/config/di.php'

        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-foundation/src/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-foundation/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-foundation/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/laminas_di.php'
        Psr\Log\LoggerInterface: 'logger'

        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/src/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/infrastructures/doctrine/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/laminas_di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/infrastructures/di.php'
        Doctrine\Persistence\ObjectManager: 'doctrine_mongodb.odm.default_document_manager'

        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/src/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/infrastructures/doctrine/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/di.php'
        - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/infrastructures/symfony/Resources/config/laminas_di.php'
        Doctrine\Persistence\ObjectManager: 'doctrine_mongodb.odm.default_document_manager'

Teknoo\DI\SymfonyBridge\DIBridgeBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Teknoo\East\FoundationBundle\EastFoundationBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Teknoo\East\CommonBundle\TeknooEastCommonBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Teknoo\East\WebsiteBundle\TeknooEastWebsiteBundle::class => ['all' => true],

//In doctrine config (east_website_doctrine_mongodb.yaml)
            auto_mapping: true
                    type: 'xml'
                    dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-common/infrastructures/doctrine/config/universal'
                    is_bundle: false
                    prefix: 'Teknoo\East\Common\Object'
                    type: 'xml'
                    dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/infrastructures/doctrine/config/universal'
                    is_bundle: false
                    prefix: 'Teknoo\East\Website\Object'
                    type: 'xml'
                    dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/teknoo/east-website/infrastructures/doctrine/config/doctrine'
                    is_bundle: false
                    prefix: 'Teknoo\East\Website\Doctrine\Object'

//In security.yaml
    enable_authenticator_manager: true

            id: 'Teknoo\East\CommonBundle\Provider\PasswordAuthenticatedUserProvider'

            algorithm: '%teknoo.east.common.bundle.password_authenticated_user_provider.default_algo%'

//In routes/website.yaml
    resource: '@TeknooEastWebsiteBundle/Resources/config/admin_routing.yaml'
    prefix: '/admin'

    resource: '@TeknooEastCommonBundle/Resources/config/admin_routing.yaml'
    prefix: '/admin'

    resource: '@TeknooEastWebsiteBundle/Resources/config/routing.yaml'

Enable third party authentication with an OAuth2 Provider (example with Gitlab)

//In security.yaml
        # Third party user provider
            id: 'Teknoo\East\WebsiteBundle\Provider\ThirdPartyAuthenticatedUserProvider'
        # disables authentication for assets and the profiler, adapt it according to your needs
            pattern: '^/oauth2/gitlab/login$'
            security: false

        #require admin role for all others pages
            # Enable oauth2 authenticator for this form
                - '%teknoo.east.website.bundle.security.authenticator.oauth2.class%'

//In knpu_oauth2_client.yaml
        # will create service: "knpu.oauth2.client.gitlab"
        # an instance of: KnpU\OAuth2ClientBundle\Client\Provider\GitlabClient
        # composer require omines/oauth2-gitlab
            # must be "gitlab" - it activates that type!
            type: gitlab
            # add and set these environment variables in your .env files
            client_id: '%env(OAUTH_GITLAB_CLIENT_ID)%'
            client_secret: '%env(OAUTH_GITLAB_CLIENT_SECRET)%'
            # a route name you'll create
            redirect_route: admin_connect_gitlab_check
            redirect_params: {}
            # Base installation URL, modify this for self-hosted instances
            domain: '%env(OAUTH_GITLAB_URL)%'

//In service.yaml
        class: 'Teknoo\East\WebsiteBundle\EndPoint\ConnectEndPoint'
          - '@KnpU\OAuth2ClientBundle\Client\ClientRegistry'
          - 'gitlab'
          - ['read_user']
          - ['setResponseFactory', ['@Psr\Http\Message\ResponseFactoryInterface']]
          - ['setRouter', ['@router']]
        public: true

        class: 'App\Security\Authenticator\UserConverter'

//In src/Security\Authenticator\UserConverter.php


namespace App\Security\Authenticator;

use DomainException;
use League\OAuth2\Client\Provider\ResourceOwnerInterface;
use Omines\OAuth2\Client\Provider\GitlabResourceOwner;
use Teknoo\East\Common\Object\User;
use Teknoo\East\WebsiteBundle\Contracts\Security\Authenticator\UserConverterInterface;
use Teknoo\Recipe\Promise\PromiseInterface;

class UserConverter implements UserConverterInterface
    public function extractEmail(ResourceOwnerInterface $owner, PromiseInterface $promise): UserConverterInterface
        if (!$owner instanceof GitlabResourceOwner) {
            $promise->fail(new DomainException('Resource not manager'));

            return $this;


        return $this;

    public function convertToUser(ResourceOwnerInterface $owner, PromiseInterface $promise): UserConverterInterface
        if (!$owner instanceof GitlabResourceOwner) {
            $promise->fail(new DomainException('Resource not manager'));

            return $this;

            (new User())->setEmail($owner->getEmail())

        return $this;

//In routes/gitlab.yaml
    path: '/oauth2/gitlab/login'
        _controller: 'Teknoo\East\WebsiteBundle\EndPoint\ConnectEndPoint'

    path: '/oauth2/gitlab/check'
        _controller: 'teknoo.east.website.endpoint.static'
        template: '@@TeknooEastWebsite/Admin/index.html.twig'
        errorTemplate: '@@TeknooEastWebsite/Error/404.html.twig'
        _oauth_client_key: gitlab

//In your template, create a link with {{ path('admin_connect_gitlab_login') }}

Support this project

This project is free and will remain free, but it is developed on my personal time. If you like it and help me maintain it and evolve it, don't hesitate to support me on Patreon. Thanks :) Richard.

Installation & Requirements

To install this library with composer, run this command :

composer require teknoo/east-website

To start a project with Symfony :

symfony new your_project_name new
composer require teknoo/composer-install
composer require teknoo/east-website-symfony    

This library requires :

* PHP 8.1+
* A PHP autoloader (Composer is recommended)
* Teknoo/Immutable.
* Teknoo/States.
* Teknoo/Recipe.
* Teknoo/East-Foundation.
* Optional: Symfony 6.0+ (for administration)

News from Teknoo Website 7.0

This library requires PHP 8.1 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 6.0 or newer.

  • Support Recipe 4.1.1+
  • Support East Foundation 6.0.1+
  • Public constant are final
  • Block's types are Enums
  • Direction are Enums
  • Use readonly properties behaviors on Immutables
  • Remove support of deprecated features removed in Symfony 6.0 (Salt, LegacyUser)
  • Use (...) notation instead array notation for callable
  • Enable fiber support in front endpoint
  • QueryInterface has been splitted to QueryElementInterface and QueryCollectionInterface to differentiate queries fetching only one element, or a scalar value, and queries for collections of objects.
  • LoaderInterface::query method is only dedicated for QueryCollectionInterface queries.
  • a new method LoaderInterface::fetch is dedicated for QueryElementInterface queries.
  • Warning * : All legacy user are not supported from this version. User's salt are also not supported, all users' passwords must be converted before switching to this version.

News from Teknoo Website 6.0

This library requires PHP 8.0 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 5.3 or newer

  • Add UserInterface to represent and User in a Eastt Website / WebApp.
  • Add AuthDataInterface to represent any data/credentials, able to authenticate an user
  • Update User class to following the previeous interface
  • Split authentications data from User class to a dedicated class StoredPassword
  • Support password already hashed into StoredPassword
  • Update Doctrine ODM mappingg about User ans add StoredPassword
  • Support third-party authentication.
  • Add ThirdPartyAuth to store ids data from thrid party needed to authenticate an user.
  • Add AbstractPassordAuthUser to wrap password logic in Symfony User for LegacyUser and PasswordAuthenticatedUser.
  • AbstractUser can be also used for non password authenticated user.
  • Create PasswordAuthenticatedUser to implements new Symfony's interface PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface
  • Update SymfonyUserWriter implementation in Symfony to hash password only when its needed.
  • Rework UserProvider to PasswordAuthenticatedUserProvider to return a LegacyUser if the user use the legacy Symfony behavior with a slug or a PasswordAuthenticatedUser. It is able to migrate logged user to the new behavior, update the hashed ppassword passed by Symfony and remove salt.
  • Some QA fixes on PHPDoc
  • Remove deprecated ViewParameterInterface
  • Remove deprecated Symfony User class
  • Create StoredPasswordType to manage new user in a Symfony Form.
  • Fix some bug in admin routes.
  • Update annd fix some minor bug in Doctrinemapping
  • Create OAuth2Authenticator, built on KNPU OAuth2 client bundle to authenticate user thanks to a OAuth2 provider.

News from Teknoo Website 5.0

This library requires PHP 8.0 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 5.2 or newer

  • Migrate to PHP 8.0
  • Writers services, Deleting services, and interfaces use also Teknoo\East\Common\Contracts\Object\ObjectInterface.
  • Create Teknoo\East\Common\Contracts\Object\ObjectInterface, Teknoo\East\Common\Contracts\Object\IdentifiedObjectInterface extends it dedicated to non persisted object, manipulable by other components
  • Update steps and forms interface to use this new interface
  • Replace ServerRequestInterface to MessageInterface for ListObjectAccessControlInterface and ObjectAccessControlInterface
  • Switch Render steps to MessageInterface
  • Add ExprConversionTrait::addExprMappingConversion to allow your custom evaluation of expression
  • Add ObjectReference expression to filter on reference
  • CreateObject step has a new parameter $workPlanKey to custom the key to use to store the new object in the workplan
  • CreateObject, DeleteObject, LoadObject, SaveObject and SlugPreparation use Teknoo\East\Common\Contracts\Object\ObjectInterface instead Teknoo\East\Common\Contracts\Object\IdentifiedObjectInterface. SaveObject pass the id only if the object implements this last object

News from Teknoo Website 4.0

This library requires PHP 7.4 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 4.4 or newer

  • Migrate to Recipe 2.3+ and Tekno 3.3
  • Migrate all classics services endpoints to Cookbook and Recipe.
  • Remove all traits in main namespace with implementation in infrastructures namespaces.
  • All cookbooks and recipes, and majors of step are defined in the main namespace, only specialized steps are defined in infrastructures namespace.
  • Remove AdminEditEndPoint, AdminListEndPoint, AdminNewEndPoint, ContentEndPointTrait and MediaEndPointTrait.
  • Update Symfony configuration to manage this new architecture. Remove all services dedicated for each objects in Website, replaced by only agnostic endpoint. All configuration is pass in route.

News from Teknoo Website 3.0

This library requires PHP 7.4 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 4.4 or newer

  • Migrate to Doctrine ODM 2
  • Migrate to new GridFS Repository
  • Migrate Gedmo's Timestamp to intern function and service
  • Migrate Gedmo's Slug to intern function and service
  • Migrate to Doctrine XML Mapping
  • Reworking Translation : Fork Gedmo Translation, clean, simplify, rework, in East philosophy
  • Remove Gedmo
  • Create new Translation configuration
  • Pagination Query support countable
  • ContentType and ItemType are not hardcoded to use DocumentType, but a Type passed in options via the EndPoint
  • Optimize menu to limit requests
  • Expr In Agnostic support
  • Change Doctrine Repository behavior to create classes dedicated to ODM
  • Create Common repository for non ODM with fallback feature
  • Autoselect Good Repository in DI
  • Migrate MediaEndPoint into ODM namespace
  • Add ProxyDetectorInterface and a snippet into DI to detect if an object is behind a proxy agnosticaly
  • Require to East Foundation 3.0.0
  • Fix errors in services definitions
  • Change exception management into MediaEndPoint

News from Teknoo Website 2.0

This library requires PHP 7.4 or newer and it's only compatible with Symfony 4.4 or newer, Some change causes bc breaks :

  • PHP 7.4 is the minimum required
  • Replace array_merge by "..." operators
  • Remove some PHP useless DockBlocks
  • Switch to typed properties
  • Most methods have been updated to include type hints where applicable. Please check your extension points to make sure the function signatures are correct. _ All files use strict typing. Please make sure to not rely on type coercion.
  • Set default values for Objects.
  • Set dependencies defined into PHP-DI used in Symfony as synthetic services into Symfony's services definitions to avoid compilation error with Symfony 4.4
  • Enable PHPStan in QA Tools and disable PHPMd
  • Enable PHPStan extension dedicated to support Stated classes


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