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The DataTank core is the framework in which the main application of The DataTank is built. The DataTank is a web application that publishes data to URIs in web readable formats. This means that you provide a nice JSON, XML, PHP, ... serialization on a certain URI of data that resides somewhere in a CSV, XLS, XML, JSON, SHP, ... file or any other machine readable data container. In short, it provides an instant REST API on top of any machine readable data.


Installation docs

Front end

Run npm install when upgrading to 6.6

gulp will build all static assets for production
gulp serve will watch *.js & *.scss
gulp js will minify the jQuery source
gulp webpack will build the Vue project (currently only for homepage)

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If you want to read more about The DataTank project visit our website or take a look at our documentation.

The DataTank is free software (AGPL, © 2011,2012 iRail NPO, 2012 Open Knowledge Belgium) to create an API for data in no time.

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