Defaults the author/email fields in pages and sys_notes to the info from the currently logged in user.

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Defaults the author/email fields in pages to the info from the currently logged in user.

  • Based on extbase, implementing best practices from TYPO3 CMS
  • Simple and fast installation
  • No configuration needed


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2. Usage


Installation using composer

The recommended way to install the extension is by using Composer. In your Composer based TYPO3 project root, just do composer require t3graf/setdefaultauthor.

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension setdefaultauthor with the extension manager module.

6. Contribution

Please create an issue at https://gitlab.com/t3graf-extensions/setdefaultauthor/issues.

Please use Gittlab only for bug-reporting or feature-requests. For support use the TYPO3 community channels or contact us by email.

7. Support

If you need privat or personal support, contact us by email on support@t3graf-media.de

Be aware that this support might not be free!