Helper for TYPO3 Extension Maintenance

2.0.3 2023-04-25 17:50 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-25 20:03:42 UTC



$ composer require bk2k/extension-helper --dev



This is a wrapper command that calls different commands version:set, changelog:create and release:publish in sequence.

$ php bin/extension-helper release:create <next version number>
$ php bin/extension-helper release:create 1.0.0


This command will commit all uncommitted files in the working directory, and adds the version number as tag.

$ php bin/extension-helper release:publish <next version number>
$ php bin/extension-helper release:publish 1.0.0


This command generates a changelog from your git log.

$ php bin/extension-helper changelog:create <next version number>
$ php bin/extension-helper changelog:create 1.0.0


This command updates the version of your extension in the predefined files. For now it will update files:

  • Documentation\Settings.cfg
  • Documentation\Settings.yaml
  • ext_emconf.php
$ php bin/extension-helper version:set <next version number> --dev
# Set version to 1.0.0
$ php bin/extension-helper version:set 1.0.0
# Set version to 1.0.0-dev
$ php bin/extension-helper version:set 1.0.0 --dev


This will generate a zip archive for the current version.

With the optional parameter you can set a specific version number the archive should be created for. The script will fail if you provide a version number and the tag does not exist.

# packagename_<branch>-<revision>.zip
$ php bin/extension-helper archive:create

# packagename_1.0.0.zip
$ php bin/extension-helper archive:create 1.0.0