Google Ads integration into TYPO3

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9.1.0 2019-06-07 09:46 UTC


This extension integrates Google Ads into TYPO3. It allows to create campaigns on a page basis and offers management tools for campaign management.

Quick Installation Guide

  1. Install extension either from TER or via Composer.
  2. Create a page record of type "Folder" and set its container to "Google Ads Storage". This folder must be in the web mount of editors.
  3. Head to Google Ads for TYPO3 and create an account
  4. Head to the "Management" module and connect your setup with Google Ads for TYPO3

At this point, you're able to create campaigns by using the dedicated action items in a page's context menu or in the page-related backend modules.


Properly configured site required

In case you use a site configuration (which is highly recommended), the base property must be valid URL, else the extension can not work as expected and campaign creation will fail.

HTTPS only

For security reasons, campaign management is prohibited when the TYPO3 backend is accessed via an unencrypted connection (http://). Please log in via https:// to be able to use this extension properly.


For support, please head to our Google Ads for TYPO3 site to get further information.

Third party libraries

This extension uses the PHP OAuth2 library by Alex Bilbie & Woody Gilk, many thanks for your work.