Simple and fast API framework


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This is a small and fast PHP framework meant to write APIs or microservices in a fast and easy manner. This is a not meant as a replacement for other frameworks, under the hood it uses a lot of the magic from Symfony, Cycle and GraphQl.


This framework is not intended for building websites or big applications. The purpose of this framework is to provide a simple set of basic tools to build microservices, like:

  • Simple webservice
  • API proxy to bundle several APIs endpoints into one or leverage legacy APIs
  • Data caching layer
  • REST/GraphQl API endpoint for headless front-ends
  • Socket API endpoint for real-time communication
  • Server Sent Events for real-time communication
  • Logging service
  • CDN
  • etc.

Getting started

Install the starter (also see documentation)

composer create-project swift-api/swift-start project_name

Or get it from Composer https://packagist.org/packages/swift-api/swift.

composer require swift-api/swift


Find full documentation at https://swiftapi.github.io/swift-docs/docs/