Drupal 8 development stack for usually cases like a middle websites, magazines

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Drupal 8 development stack

Prepared for usually cases like a middle websites, magazines. Inspired by Thunder and Acquia Lightning.

Quick start

composer create-project studioartcz/drupal domain.local --stability dev --no-interaction

* domain.local is your virtual host folder

and for next steps please follow our development manual.

What this stack solving?

  • multi-language support
  • standard user roles
  • public forms
  • error reporting for humans (
  • the right development way (composer, yarn, git)
  • prepared environments (localhost, stage, production)
  • development tools
  • improved UX @ admin
  • deployment

Used modules:


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Why Drupal 8?

only with Czech speech

Drupal CZ Brno 2017 Meetup