Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers.

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5.1.2 2023-06-06 13:48 UTC




Devel module contains helper functions and pages for Drupal developers and inquisitive admins:

  • A block and toolbar for quickly accessing devel pages
  • A menu tab added to entities to give access to internal entity properties
  • Urls created to view the internal entity properties even when there is no menu tab, for example /devel/paragraph/n
  • Debug functions for inspecting a variable such as dpm($variable)
  • Debug a SQL query dpq($query or print a backtrace ddebug_backtrace()
  • A block for masquerading as other users (useful for testing)
  • A mail-system class which redirects outbound email to files
  • Drush commands such as fn-hook, fn-event, token, uuid, and devel-services
  • Devel Generate. Bulk creates nodes, users, comment, taxonomy, media, menus for development. Has Drush integration.

This module is safe to use on a production site. Just be sure to only grant access development information permission to developers.


Local Development

  1. Clone devel git clone https://gitlab.com/drupalforks/devel.git (note - this is the shared fork, not the "spoon")
  2. cd devel
  3. Install the composer plugin from https://gitlab.com/drupalspoons/composer-plugin. Your source tree now looks like: Folder tree
  4. Configure a web server to serve devel's /web directory as docroot. Either of these works fine:
    1. vendor/bin/spoon runserver
    2. Setup Apache/Nginx/Other. A virtual host will work fine. Any domain name works.
  5. Configure a database server and a database.
  6. Install a testing site vendor/bin/spoon si -- --db-url=mysql://user:pass@localhost/db. Adjust as needed.


Version Compatibility

Devel versionDrupal corePHPDrush


See https://gitlab.com/groups/drupaladmins/devel/-/group_members.