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This package offers lightweight Livewire components that allow you to easily build a wizard. With "wizard" we mean a multi-step process in which each step has its own screen.


Here's what a wizard component class could look like.

use Spatie\LivewireWizard\Components\WizardComponent;

class CheckoutWizardComponent extends WizardComponent
    public function steps() : array
        return [

A step is class that extends StepComponent (which in its turn extends Livewire\Component). You can do anything in here that you can do with a regular Livewire component.

namespace App\Components;

class CartStepComponent extends StepComponent
    // add any Livewire powered method you want

    public function render()
        return view('checkout-wizard.steps.cart');

You can easily control which step is displayed, access state of other steps, and build any navigation you desire.

In this repo on GitHub, you'll find a demo Laravel application that uses the laravel-livewire-wizard package to create a simple checkout flow.

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Our package is headless. This means that it does not provide UI, but it offers functions to easily build any UI you want. If you do not wish to build your own UI, you could consider using vildanbina/livewire-wizard, which includes pre-built navigation and CSS.

Filament users could also take a look at the built-in wizard functionality.


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