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This package can help you start and stop servers when you need them. The prime use case is to spin up extra working servers that can help you process the workload on queues.

You can think of this as a sort of PHP based version of Kubernetes that has 5% of its features, but covers that 80% use case. For most PHP and Laravel developers, this package will also be easier to learn and use.

Typically, on your hosting provider, you would prepare a server snapshot, that will be used as a template when starting new servers.

After the package is configured, spinning up an extra servers is as easy as:

// typically, in a service provider

use Laravel\Horizon\WaitTimeCalculator;
use Spatie\DynamicServers\Facades\DynamicServers;
use Spatie\DynamicServers\Support\DynamicServersManager;

 * The package will call the closure passed 
 * to `determineServerCount` every minute
DynamicServers::determineServerCount(function(DynamicServersManager $servers) {
    * First, we'll calculate the number of servers needed. 
    * In this example, we will take a look at Horizon's 
    * reported waiting time. Of course, in your project you can 
    * calculate the number of servers needed however you want.    
    $waitTimeInMinutes = app(WaitTimeCalculator::class)->calculate('default');
    $numberOfServersNeeded = round($waitTimeInMinutes / 10);

    * Next, we will pass the number of servers needed to the `ensure` method.
    * If there currently are less that that number of servers available,
    * the package will start new ones.
    * If there are currently more than that number of servers running,
    *  the package will stop a few servers.

Out of the box, the package supports UpCloud. You can create your own server provider to add support for your favourite hosting service.

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This idea behind this package was... spawned 🥁 by streams and a blog post by Jason McCreary on Spawning workers based on queue workload.


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