Provides a collection of entities, helpers and base implementations for creating domain objects.

4.3.0 2021-09-14 21:02 UTC


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Provides a core set of support classes for building domain oriented projects. This library compiles the previously separate domain and mapping libraries into a single project for easier maintenance.

It consists of:

  • Commands
    • CommandBus interface / abstract command
    • SF Messenger implementation
  • Doctrine
    • Enumeration factories + Type bindings
    • Additional types / type overrides for the Doctrine Type system
    • Abstract EntityLocator that extends EntityRepository
    • Custom Postgres DQL functions
    • Custom traits for EntityRepository
  • Entities
    • Contracts - value object interface definitions
    • Types - a collection of value-objects, enumerations and an aggregate root
    • AggregateRoot - an aggregate root stub implementation that can raise events
    • AbstractEntity and AbstractEntityCollection - child entities and helper for an aggregate root
  • Events
    • EventBus interface / abstract event
    • SF Messenger EventBus implementation
    • Doctrine subscriber that broadcasts onFlush all events from aggregate roots
    • Custom serializer to handle encode/decode when the event class does not exist
  • Jobs
    • JobQueue interface / abstract job
    • SF Messenger implementation
  • Queries
    • QueryBus interface / abstract query
    • SF Messenger implementation
  • default XML mappings for embeddable objects in Doctrine .dcm.xml and Symfony .orm.xml conventions


  • PHP 8.0+
  • mb_string
  • bcmath
  • beberlei/assert
  • eloquent/enumeration
  • somnambulist/collection
  • symfony/messenger for the Messenger bus implementations.


Install using composer, or checkout / pull the files from

  • composer require somnambulist/domain

Upgrading from 3.X to 4.X

From 4.X this projects was re-namespaced to Somnambulist\Components\Domain. Update all references to reflect this change this includes any Doctrine mapping files / annotations.

The Doctrine AbstractIdentityType was moved out of the Identity namespace to the main Types.


See the docs folder for more documentation on each component.