A Doctrine ORM bridge for Laravel 5

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A drop-in Doctrine ORM 2 implementation for Laravel

$scientist = new Scientist(

    new Theory('Theory of relativity')

  • Easy configuration
  • Pagination
  • Pre-configured metadata, connections and caching
  • Extendable: extend or add your own drivers for metadata, connections or cache
  • Fluent, Annotations, YAML, SimplifiedYAML, XML, SimplifiedXML, Config and Static PHP metadata mappings
  • Multiple entity managers and connections
  • Laravel naming strategy
  • Simple authentication implementation
  • Password reminders implementation
  • Doctrine console commands
  • DoctrineExtensions supported
  • Timestamps, Softdeletes and TablePrefix listeners


Read the full documentation.


Because of the auto package discovery feature Laravel has, the ServiceProvider and Facades are automatically registered.

To publish the config use:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="config" --provider="LaravelDoctrine\ORM\DoctrineServiceProvider"


This package is licensed under the MIT license.