GraphQL server for SilverStripe models and other data

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5.0.0-beta2 2023-02-12 23:03 UTC


CI Silverstripe supported module

This modules serves Silverstripe data as GraphQL representations, with helpers to generate schemas based on Silverstripe model introspection. It layers a pluggable schema registration system on top of the graphql-php library. The APIs are very similar.

This is the 4.x release branch

If you are looking for version 3 check the 3 branch, which contains documentation inlined into the README.

Installing on silverstripe/recipe-cms < 4.11

If your project uses silverstripe/recipe-cms, you cannot install the stable version 4 release. You can use version 3 (which will be installed by default), or you can swap to the alpha of version 4 by running this command:

composer require silverstripe/graphql:^4.0.0-alpha --with-all-dependencies

Alternatively, you can remove silverstripe/recipe-cms from your root composer.json and replace it with the contents of the composer.json in silverstripe/recipe-cms.