Storefront for Shopware

v6.5.5.2 2023-09-20 14:03 UTC


The Storefront component is a frontend for Shopware\Core written in PHP.

This repository is considered read-only. Please send pull requests to our main Shopware\Core repository.

Getting started

To compile the assets (scss/javascript) you have to run the webpack compiler. This is easily done by executing the following commands in the shopware root folder via the psh.phar.

  • storefront:dev Builds the project for development
  • storefront:hot Starts the hot module reloading server
  • storefront:hot-proxy Same as hot, but starts a proxy server with live reload without the need to change twig paths
  • storefront:install Installs the node.js dependencies
  • storefront:build Builds the project for production

For example:

$ ./psh.phar storefront:dev

It's recommended to use the storefront:hot-proxy command when developing, so the files will be compiled as soon as they change.

It's also possible to use the webpack-dev-server with hot module reloading (HMR) activated. To be able to use HMR you have to run the command storefront:hot and set the isHMRMode variable, located in platform/src/Storefront/Resources/views/storefront/base.html.twig, to true.