Storefront for Shopware

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The Storefront component is a frontend for Shopware\Core written in PHP.

This repository is considered read-only. Please send pull requests to our main Shopware\Core repository.

Getting started

To compile the assets (scss/javascript) you have to run the webpack compiler. This is easily done by executing the following commands in the shopware root folder via composer. You can also run the unit tests and code-style fixers via composer scripts.

  • composer build:js:storefront Builds the project for production and re-compiles the theme
  • composer watch:storefront Runs the webpack development server and starts a proxy server with live reload
  • composer init:js Installs the node.js dependencies
  • composer eslint:storefront Code-style checks for all Storefront JS/TS files
  • composer ludtwig:storefront Code-style checks for all Storefront twig files using ludtwig
  • composer storefront:unit Launches the jest unit test-suite for the Storefront
  • composer storefront:unit:watch Launches the interactive jest unit test-suite watcher for the Storefront
  • composer stylelint:storefront Code-style checks for all Storefront SCSS files using stylelint

For example:

$ composer build:js:storefront

It's recommended to use the composer watch:storefront command when developing, so the files will be compiled as soon as they change.