Saito - The Threaded Forum


What is it?

Saito is a web forum. It is different from the majority of other solutions as it puts the emphasis on presenting threads and conversations in a classic tree style view. It is optimized to display hundreds of individual posts on a single page request while running on a modest shared-hoster.

Test it here (log-in: test/test).


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Get Started

A full prepackaged zip if is available on the release page.


Install Files

Checkout files from git.

Install the PHP packages (the backend is mainly build on CakePHP):

composer install

Install Javascript packages (the frontend is mainly build on Marionette):


Move files into places:

grunt dev-setup

Run all test cases:

composer test-all

See Gruntfile, packages.json and composer.json for additional scripts to run.

Create Production Files

Create minimized assets with:

grunt release

Create a release-zip: