Simple Captcha Plugin for CakePHP

1.0.0 2020-02-29 07:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-01-29 02:33:34 UTC


Simple captcha plugin for CakePHP. Presents a text field with a simple math problem (plus some invisible checks).



composer require siezi/cakephp-simple-captcha

Include plugin Cake 4 style:


Usage Example

Insert Captcha-Field in Template

Load the helper CakePHP 4 style:


In template form:

echo $this->SimpleCaptcha->control();

Validate Captcha in Controller

$validator = new \Siezi\SimpleCaptcha\Model\Validation\SimpleCaptchaValidator();
$errors = $validator->validate($this->request->getData());

Depending on the form you may want to merge the captcha-errors so they are displayed automatically with other form validation errors. For example if the form is backed by a user-entity: