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Saloodo Scheduler is a powerful job scheduler inspired on Laravel Scheduler. It runs jobs asynchronously using a different php process for each job.


Require the package

composer require saloodo/scheduler

Add the Bundle to AppKernel

 new Saloodo\Scheduler\SchedulerBundle(),

Define the cache configuration

  cache_driver: 'app_general_cache'
  cache_store: 'lock_store_provider'

How do I add jobs to the scheduler?

Create a Job class


namespace AppBundle\Jobs;

use Saloodo\Scheduler\Jobs\AbstractJob;
use Saloodo\Scheduler\Jobs\Schedule;

class ExpireShipments extends AbstractJob
   private $repository;
   public function __construct(ShipmentRepository $repository)
      $this->repository = $repository;
   protected function initialize(Schedule $schedule)
       //sets the execution of this job to every 5 minutes

   public function run()

Add your created job to services

            - '@App/Repository/ShipmentRepository'
        #Tag them as scheduler.job
            - { name: scheduler.job}

Listen to the events

Saloodo Scheduler dispatches events out of the box. You can listen or subscribe to these events.


Starting the scheduler

You only need to add the following Cron entry to your server.

* * * * * php /path-to-your-project/bin/console jobs:run >> /dev/null 2>&1


Run on just one server


By default, jobs will be executed on only one instance. It means that if more than one instance triggers the scheduler execution at the same minute, jobs it will skipped. To overwrite this setting and allow multiple execution of the same job on the same minute, use $scheduler->shouldRunOnOnlyOneInstance(false);

Job overlapping


By default, jobs cannot be overlapped. Before it starts, a job check if it's already running. If jobs can overlap, overwrite this setting by using $scheduler->canOverlap(true);.

NOTE: When canOverlap is set to false, you can also set a ttl for the job locker. ->setTttl(60) //number in seconds. This is particularly important to avoid locking a task for unnecessary periods of time on a unexpected system shutdown that could wrongly keep the task locked.

this is the MAX time that the lock would be held. In normal conditions, after the job execution the lock is automatically released.

Job frequency

$scheduler->everyMinute(); // runs job every minute

$scheduler->everyFiveMinutes(); // runs job every 5 minutes

$scheduler->everyTenMinutes(); // runs job every 10 minutes

$scheduler->everyFifteenMinutes(); // runs job every 15 minutes

$scheduler->everyMinutes(23); // runs job every 23 minutes

$scheduler->daily()->atHour(17)->atMinute(30); // runs job every day at 17:30

$scheduler->hourly(); // runs job every hour

$scheduler->daily(); // runs job every day at 00:00

$scheduler->daily()->atHour(17)->atMinute(30); // runs job every day at 17:30

$scheduler->monthly()->atDay(3);  // runs job month, at the 3rd at 00:00

$scheduler->monthly()->atDay(3)->atHour(17)->atMinute(30); // runs job month, at the 3rd at 17:30

$scheduler->setExpression("* 11,17 * * *"); // sets raw  expression, runs job every day at 11:00 and 17:00

Using all together



Running a single job

You can manually trigger a single job execution by simply executing bin/console jobs:run {id} or bin/console jobs:run {fullyQualifiedClassName} from you application root.

Single jobs will always be executed, as the check for overlapping and running on single server are done by the "run multiple jobs command")

Running all jobs

To mannually trigger all jobs, simply run bin/console jobs:run. To force execution of all due jobs (without checking for overlap or running on single server), optionally, pass a --force argument. This will skip the check for running on a single server.

Listing jobs

To get an overview of the defined jobs, run bin/console jobs:list.

| ID         | Class                                               | Expression   | Can overlap | Run only on one instance |
| da6f3a6948 | AppBundle\Jobs\JobEvery1Minute                      | * * * * *    | no          | yes                      |
| 26e25dbd48 | AppBundle\Jobs\JobEvery1MinuteThatOverlaps          | * * * * *    | yes         | yes                      |
| f9dfbec59a | AppBundle\Jobs\JobEvery5Minutes                     | */5 * * * *  | no          | yes                      |
| d2f87097db | AppBundle\Jobs\JobEvery10MinutesRunningInAllServers | */10 * * * * | no          | no                       |


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.