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Free open source e-commerce for business
composer create-project s-cart/s-cart

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About S-cart

S-Cart is the best free e-commerce website project for individuals and businesses, built on top of Laravel Framework and the latest technologies. Our goal is "Efficient and friendly for everyone":

  • Efficiency: Meet even the smallest requirements of customers.
  • Friendly: Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to develop.
  • Everyone: Businesses, individuals, developers, students.





S-Cart functions:

======= FRONT-END =======
- Multi-language
- Multi-currency
- Multi-address
- Shopping cart
- Customer login
- Product attributes: cost price, promotion price, stock, tax..
- CMS content: category, news, content, web page
- Plugin: Shipping, payment, Discount, Total, Multiple vendor...
- Upload manager: banner, images,..
- SEO support: custome URL
- API module
- Support library plugin, template online

======= ADMIN =======

- Admin roles, permission
- Product manager
- Order management
- Customer management
- Template manager
- Plugin manager
- Store manager
- System config: email setting, info shop, maintain status,...
- Backup, restore data
- Report: chart, statistics, export csv, pdf...



From Version 5.0

Core laravel framework 8.x Requirements::

- PHP >= 7.3
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension
- Ctype PHP Extension
- JSON PHP Extension
- BCMath PHP Extension

Installation & configuration:

How to map your domain to s-cart? CLICK HERE

Step1: Install last version S-cart

Option 1: From composer

composer create-project s-cart/s-cart

Option 2: From github

git clone https://github.com/s-cart/s-cart.git

Then, install vendor:

composer install

Option 3: Download full source (included vendors)


Step2: Set writable permissions for the following directories:

  • storage
  • vendor
  • public/data
  • bootstrap/cache

Step3: Create database

- Create a new database. Example database name is "s-cart"

Step4: Install

Option 1: Install automatic

Access your-domain.com/install.php to install S-cart.

Then, remove or rename file public/install.php

Option 2: Manual installation

If installing with link "install.php" unsuccessful, you can install it manually below.

- 1: Import file database/*.sql or /vendor/s-cart/core/src/DB/s-cart-yyyy-mm-dd.sql to database.
- 2: Rename or delete file public/install.php
- 3: Copy file .env.example to .env if file .env not exist.
- 4: Generate API key if APP_KEY is null. 
  Use command "php artisan key:generate"
- 5: Generates the encryption keys
  Use command "php artisan passport:keys"
- 6: Config value of file .env:
APP_DEBUG=false (Set "false" is security)
DB_HOST= (Database host)
DB_PORT=3306 (Database port)
DB_DATABASE=s-cart (Database name)
DB_USERNAME=root (User name use database)
DB_PASSWORD= (Password connect to database)
APP_URL=http://localhost (Your url)
ADMIN_PREFIX=sc_admin (Path to admin)
DB_PREFIX=sc_ (Must be "sc_" because it is fixed in the .sql file)

Step5: Install completed

  • Access to url admin: your-domain/sc_admin.
  • User/pass admin/admin

Useful information:

To view S-Cart version information

php artisan sc:info

To update the core version of S-Cart:

composer update s-cart/core Or you can use php composer.phar update s-cart/core if you don't have composer installed.

To create a plugin:

php artisan sc:make plugin --name=Group\PluginName

To create data backup file (The sql file is stored in storage/backups):

php artisan sc:backup --path=abc.sql

To recover data:

php artisan sc:restore --path=abc.sql

To manually customize the admin page (resources/views/admin + config/admin.php):

php artisan sc:customize admin

This command will create new directories resources/views/admin and file config/admin.php After set the value customize=true in config/admin.php you can modify template admin.

To manually customize file config validation (config/validation.php):

php artisan sc:customize validation

More detail: https://s-cart.org/en/docs/master

Funding and supporting the project

You can support our with donations and sponsoring. Sponsorships are crucial for ongoing and future development of the project. Any support is always welcome even if it's as low as $1 :) Please visit the S-Cart

Security Vulnerabilities:

If you discover a security vulnerability within S-Cart ecommerce, please send an e-mail to Lanh Le via lanhktc@gmail.com. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


S-Cart is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).


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