A simple transaction manager

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A simple transaction manager with a naive implementation.

It provides a common interface to manage transactions.

If you want to make a class transactional, implement the Transactional interface.

Transaction Manager

Two TransactionManager implementations are provided allowing you to manage multiple Transactional classes in the same logic transaction.

  • SimpleTransactionManager is a naive implementation preventing from beginning a transaction more than once.
  • MultipleTransactionManager allows you to begin the transaction more than once but only commits if commit is called the same number of times as beginTransaction.


Some Transactional implementations are provided:

  • TransactionalQueuePublisher to publish in an AMQP queue with Burrow in a transaction
  • DoctrineDbalTransactionManager to deal with Doctrine DBAL transactions
  • DoctrineEntityManager to deal with Doctrine ORM transactions
  • TransactionalEmitter to emit Events with the PHP League lib in a transaction
  • TransactionalCommandBus to handle Commands with the PHP League lib in a transaction