A small, flexible command bus. Handy for building service layers.

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A small, flexible command bus.

IMPORTANT: You're looking at the unreleased Tactician 2.0 code. See the original docs for info about 1.x versions.

See the full docs or the examples directory to get started.


Using Composer:

composer require league/tactician


The core Tactician package is small but there are several plugin packages that extend the usefulness of Tactician:

  • PHPStan: Add static analysis support to Tactician. Highly recommended.
  • Logger: Adds PSR-3 logging support for receiving, completing or failing commands.
  • Doctrine: Wraps commands in separate Doctrine ORM transactions.
  • and many more

Framework Integration

There are a number of framework integration packages for Tactician, search for Tactician on Packagist for the most up-to-date listings.


To run all unit tests, use the locally installed PHPUnit:

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


Tactician has no previous security disclosures and due to the nature of the project is unlikely to. However, if you're concerned you've found a security sensitive issue in Tactician or one of its related projects, please email disclosures [at] rosstuck dot com.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.