RedKiteCms is an Open Source Content Management System Application, built on top of Symfony2 components and TwitterBootstrap frameworks, providing an easy an intuitive user-interface, to improve the website's content management experience

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v2.0.0-alpha4 2015-06-09 16:26 UTC


Welcome to RedKite CMS 2 a Content Management System built on top of the Symfony2 componens, Jquery, Knockout and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks.

RedKite CMS 2 is currently in Alpha.

Join the chat at

Get the application

RedKite CMS 2 can be installed using composer:

curl -s | php

then run this command to start a new RedKite CMS application:

php composer.phar create-project redkite-labs/redkite-cms -s dev RedKiteCms

When the project has been created, follow these instructions to install the application.


The official RedKite CMS documentation is available at RedKite labs website. If you want to help with the documentation you can start here.


If you require support you can ask for help at RedKite CMS users forum.

Stay in touch

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