An open-source Laravel 8 online store, client area, and billing software specially made for Pterodactyl panel

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An open-source Laravel 8 online store, client area, and billing software specially made for Pterodactyl panel

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Announcement: An early access will be released soon!

PHP Composer


  • Free and open-source
  • A user-friendly client area and powerful admin area with a beautiful, customizable AdminLTE theme made by ColorlibHQ
  • Create your server plans and add-ons with custom settings (CPU, RAM, disk, databases, backups, extra ports), prices, nests/eggs, billing cycles, setup fees, free trial, discounts, coupon codes, global limits, and per client limits
  • Automatically create panel accounts and game servers for your clients
  • Automatically bill your clients, create invoices, and collect payments (one-time or recurring)
  • Advanced billing system*: multiple payment gateways, currencies, taxes, and prepaid account credit
  • Boost your business and find more clients by enabling an affiliate program
  • Built-in support center with a ticketing system, knowledge base, system status page, and announcements
  • Built-in subdomain manager* and software installer* for game servers
  • Built-in contact form, terms of service, privacy policy, and system status pages
  • *Extendable: add more features by installing more extensions (see pre-installed extensions below)

Pre-installed Extensions

PayPal, Cloudflare Zone, cPanel Zone, Minecraft JAR

Please feel free to suggest more on our Discord server (Make sure to check the to-do list first)

Getting Started

Please read our documentation.


Make sure you have gone through the documentation before asking for help. Thank you!

Need help setting up PteroBilling? Ask on the discussions page.

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PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR HELP ON THE ISSUES PAGE! That's for bug reports and feature requests.


PteroBilling and AdminLTE, the website theme it uses, are licensed under the MIT license. Please take a look at the LICENSE and AdminLTE-LICENSE files.