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1.2.0 2023-02-27 19:23 UTC


A simple tool to sync composer.lock and composer.json versions, resulting in a faster package dependencies resolution.


composer require --dev malukenho/mcbumpface

How it works?

By looking at the composer.lock file which is (re)generated during composer install or composer update we can replace the required version specified on composer.json file by the installed version specified on composer.lock file.


composer.json (before)
    "require": {
        "malukenho/docheader": "^1.0.1"

After a composer update, composer have installed version ^1.0.4, so my composer.json will looks like the following:

composer.json (after)
    "require": {
        "malukenho/docheader": "^1.0.4"

Configuration (optional)

By adding an extra configuration to the projects composer.json, you can configure different behavior of the version bumping. The configuration can be added like this:

    "extra": {
        "mc-bumpface": {
            "stripVersionPrefixes": false,
            "keepVersionConstraintPrefix": false

The following configurations are available:

stripVersionPrefixes (default: false)

By setting this parameter to true, mcbumpface will strip the v prefix from versions (in case they are tagged like this).

keepVersionConstraintPrefix (default: false)

By setting this parameter to true, mcbumpface will NOT replace the version constraint prefix.

Having a required version ~2.0 and installed 2.0.20 will replace the version constraint to ^2.0.20.