A Slim Framework skeleton application for rapid development

v3.0 2017-03-23 20:17 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-18 21:56:29 UTC


Slim PHP Framework Skeleton

Slim PHP Framework Skeleton will help you get started for your next PHP project no matter how you want it to be. It will provide you a very clean, managable SLIM environment for your team.

This project was primarily started for few passionate PHP application developer at Preview Technologies. We are extensively using this skeleton to minimize timeframe to getting started for our customer's projects. It's like just make the idea ready in a minute.


Run create-project command with composer to install this project.

Here is the full installation command -

composer create-project previewtechs/slim-php-skeleton YourApplicationDirectory

Now copy config.sample.php to config.php and change your configuration.

And you are done!

After creating the project just navigate to public directory and execute -

$ cd public
$ php -S localhost:8080

Open your browser and you will get a default dashboard.


  • Designed for small or large PHP project
  • Easily extensible, push your container and you get that feature in your routes
  • Minimal configuration
  • PHPStorm type hinting and suggestions.
  • Bootstrap template v3 integrated with some sample page
  • Responsive HTML5 layouts
  • Illuminate/Database package integrated
  • Compatible for PHP >= 5.5
  • Extensive configuration customization
  • Template engine: Twig


Developers are welcome to contribute for this project. Getting started contributing by participating in issue. If you found any issues, please submit that on here. Please submit issue, if you have any ideas of improvements.