The Pop PHP Framework - Full Installation

4.6.0 2021-02-13 00:03 UTC



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Pop PHP Framework 4.6.0
Released February 12, 2021


This repository contains the composer.json file to install the full Pop PHP Framework. The core Pop PHP components and the additional components will be installed:

pop-acl pop-dir pop-mime
pop-audit pop-dom pop-nav
pop-auth pop-filter pop-paginator
pop-cache pop-form pop-pdf
pop-code pop-ftp popcorn
pop-config pop-http popphp
pop-console pop-i18n pop-queue
pop-cookie pop-image pop-session
pop-css pop-kettle pop-utils
pop-csv pop-loader pop-validator
pop-db pop-log pop-view
pop-debug pop-mail


  • Support for PHP 7.3+ only.
  • PHPUnit tests refactored for PHPUnit 9.0+.
  • Reference the CHANGELOG.md for further details.


There are multiple ways you can get Pop PHP Framework into your project.

You can create a new project, which is recommended. This way, you will have access to the CLI-helper script pop-kettle in the main project folder:

$ composer create-project popphp/popphp-framework project-folder

Alternatively, you can add it to an existing project with this command:

$ composer require popphp/popphp-framework

Or, you can add it your project's composer.json file:

"require": {
    "popphp/popphp-framework": "^4.6.0"

Also, you can clone this repository and install it directly:

$ composer install

Kettle CLI-Helper

If choose to install the framework in a way that the pop-kettle CLI-helper script is not available in the main project folder, you can place a copy of the script from the vendor/popphp/pop-kettle/kettle location:

$ cp vendor/popphp/popphp-framework/kettle .

Once you've copied the script over, you have to change the reference to the script's config file from:

include __DIR__ . '/config/app.console.php';


include __DIR__ . '/vendor/popphp/pop-kettle/config/app.console.php';

and make sure the newly copied kettle script is set to execute (755)

$ chmod 755 kettle


There is a Gitter chat room for Pop PHP over at https://gitter.im/pop-php-framework/Lobby