Pop Validator Component for Pop PHP Framework

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pop-validator is a component for validating values and returning the appropriate result messaging. The component comes with a set of built-in evaluation objects and also the ability to extend the component and build your own.

pop-validator is a component of the Pop PHP Framework.


Install pop-validator using Composer.

composer require popphp/pop-validator


Here's a list of the available built-in validators:

Built-in Validators
Alpha Ipv4 LessThan
AlphaNumeric Ipv6 LessThanEqual
Between IsSubnetOf NotContains
BetweenInclude Length NotEmpty
Contains LengthBetween NotEqual
CreditCard LengthBetweenInclude Numeric
Email LengthGt RegEx
Equal LengthGte Subnet
GreaterThan LengthLt Url
GreaterThanEqual LengthLte

Check an email value

$validator = new Pop\Validator\Email();

// Returns false
if ($validator->evaluate('bad-email-address')) {
    // Prints out the default message 'The value must be a valid email format.'
    echo $validator->getMessage();

// Returns true
if ($validator->evaluate('good@email.com')) {
    // Do something with a valid email address.

Validate against a specific value

$validator = new Pop\Validator\LessThan(10);

if ($validator->evaluate(8)) { } // Returns true

Set a custom message

$validator = new Pop\Validator\RegEx(
    'You must only submit JPG, PNG or GIF images.'

// Returns false
if ($validator->evaluate('image.bad')) {
    echo $validator->getMessage();


$validator = new Pop\Validator\RegEx('/^.*\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$/i');
$validator->setMessage('You must only submit JPG, PNG or GIF images.');

if ($validator->evaluate('image.jpg')) { } // Returns true