Pop Cache Component for Pop PHP Framework

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pop-cache provides the ability to cache frequently accessed content via several different adapters. Depending on the server environment and what's available, an application can use one of the following cache adapters:

  • Apc (cache service)
  • File (directory on disk)
  • Memcache (cache service)
  • Redis (cache service)
  • Session (short-term caching in session)
  • Db (database caching)

pop-cache is a component of the Pop PHP Framework.


Install pop-cache using Composer.

composer require popphp/pop-cache


Setting up the different cache object adapters

use Pop\Cache\Cache;
use Pop\Cache\Adapter;
use Pop\Db\Db;

$apc       = new Adapter\Apc(300);
$file      = new Adapter\File('/path/to/my/cache/dir', 300);
$memcached = new Adapter\Memcached(300);
$redis     = new Adapter\Redis(300);
$session   = new Adapter\Session(300);
$db        = new Adapter\Db(Db::sqliteConnect(['database' => __DIR__ . '/tmp/cache.sqlite']), 300)

// Then inject one of the adapters into the main cache object
$cache = new Cache($file);

Saving and recalling data from cache

Once a cache object is created, you can simply save and load data from it like below:

// Save some data to the cache
$cache->saveItem('foo', $myData);

// Recall that data later in the app.
// Returns false is the data does not exist or has expired.
$foo = $cache->getItem('foo');

Deleting data from cache


Clearing all data from cache