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Immutable Enum objects for PHP

Other languages have the concept of Enum and while there is an extension in PHP for enums it's not so widely spread

The implementation of an Enum class is not so difficult, but it should cover value validation and be immutable so its value cannot be changed



composer require phpgears/enum


Require composer autoload file

require './vendor/autoload.php';

By extending Gears\Enum\AbstractEnum you can easily have an Enum class

use Gears\Enum\AbstractEnum;

 * @method static self DAILY()
 * @method static self WEEKLY()
 * @method static self BIWEEKLY()
 * @method static self MONTHLY()
 * @method static self YEARLY()
class DatePeriod extends AbstractEnum
    public const DAILY = 'daily';
    public const WEEKLY = 'weekly';
    public const BIWEEKLY = 'biweekly';
    public const MONTHLY = 'monthly';
    public const YEARLY = 'yearly';

$period = new DatePeriod('daily');

$period->getValue() === DatePeriod::DAILY; // true
$period->isEqualTo(DatePeriod::DAILY()); // true
$period->isAnyOf([DatePeriod::DAILY(), DatePeriod::WEEKLY()]); // true

$period->getValue() === DatePeriod::YEARLY; // false
$period->isEqualTo(DatePeriod::MONTHLY()); // false
$period->isAnyOf([DatePeriod::MONTHLY(), DatePeriod::YEARLY()]); // false

$period->getValue(); // daily

By adding the @method references on class docblock your editor should be able to help you with autocompletes


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