A Drupal 9 scaffold project

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2.0.0 2022-03-11 14:18 UTC


Drupal 9 scaffold project to kick start development of a new instance of Drupal.


The only dependency this project has is Lando. All tools used for this project are containerized and wrapped with Lando.

Getting started

Place a copy of this repository in a new folder. In .lando.yml, change the name of the project. Then run lando start. This will install all dependencies via composer.

You can then execute the site installation by running the drush site-install command shown below. When prompted for database name, username, and password, enter drupal9 for all three. When prompted for host, use the hostnames value as reported when running: lando info --service=database (e.g. database.drupalscaffold.internal)

Site install command:

$ lando drush site-install standard --account-pass=admin

The command above will install Drupal with the standard installation profile. You can then log into Drupal as User 1 with admin / admin as the credentials.


You can type lando inside of the newly created project to see the available commands. Tools like Composer and npm are available with:

$ lando composer
$ lando npm