Hardens the vendor directory for when it's in the docroot.

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The Drupal Vendor Hardening Composer Plugin

Thanks for using this Drupal component.

You can participate in its development on Drupal.org, through our issue system:

You can get the full Drupal repo here:

You can browse the full Drupal repo here:

What does it do?

This Composer plugin does two things:

1) It removes extraneous directories from the project's vendor directory.
They're typically directories which might contain executable files, such as test

This sort of processing is required for projects that have a vendor directory
inside the HTTP server docroot. This is a common layout for Drupal.

By default, the plugin knows how to clean up packages for Drupal core, so you
can require drupal/core-vendor-hardening in your project and the rest will
happen automatically.

The plugin can also be configured to clean up additional packages using the
project's composer.json extra field.

2) The plugin also adds .htaccess and web.config files to the root of the
project's vendor directory. These files will do due diligence to keep the web
server from serving files from within the vendor directory.

How do I set it up?

Require this Composer plugin into your project:

    composer require drupal/core-vendor-hardening

When you install or update, this plugin will look through each package and
remove directories it knows about.

You can see the list of default package cleanups for this plugin in Config.php.
If you discover that this list needs updating, please file an issue about it:

In addition to the default list of packages, you can configure the plugin using
the root package's composer.json extra field, like this:

    "extra": {
      "drupal-core-vendor-hardening": {
        "vendor/package": ["test", "documentation"]

The above code will tell the plugin to remove the test/ and documentation/
directories from the 'vendor/package' package when it is installed or updated.