Mezzio integration for Prismic. Let’s call it ”Primo“…

1.5.0 2023-09-19 21:46 UTC


A silly contraction on Prismic and Mezzio!

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This library integrates the headless content management system with Mezzio.

If you're building websites in PHP and want a CMS without the hassle of managing databases, then this is worth considering as a solid alternative to the usual suspects.

For more information, it's worth checking out the "Primo Skeleton" app on GitHub.

Also, this lib consumes netglue/prismic-client which is what you'll be interacting with most when it comes to actually making some content…


This library is mainly targeted at not re-inventing the wheel every time you want to build a CMS website using a Prismic content backend. As it's used in a number of production projects, I'm pretty careful with the releases.


MIT Licensed.