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This is a development tool based on Symfony Console so require it with --dev - it's meant to be used as part of a build process with a tool like npm-watch or similar.

$ composer require --dev netglue/prismic-cli

The primary installation target for this lib is a Mezzio app as it has been built to integrate with the Laminas CLI package.

During installation you should be prompted to inject the config provider(s) if installing as part of a Mezzio app.

laminas/laminas-cli is not required by this lib, so you'll need to require it too if that's what you want.

There's nothing to stop you from using this tool 'stand-alone' - the ./example/example.php should point you in the right direction for this. It's also worth inspecting that example so everything makes sense.

Building Document Model JSON Files

The command primo:build, given some configuration, generates JSON files from PHP sources that you can copy and paste into's custom type editor.

Assuming that you are using a DI container that returns application-wide config as an array using config as a service id, You can drop configuration similar to this in order to have the tool build your types upon invocation.

return [
    'primo' => [
        'cli' => [
            'builder' => [
                'source' => __DIR__ . '/../directory/where/plain-php-files-are',
                'dist' => __DIR__ . '/../where-you-want-the-json-files-to-go',
        'types' => [
                'id' => 'some-type',
                'name' => 'My Document Type',
                'repeatable' => true,

The lib currently lacks documentation and a decent test suite but there is an annotated example in ./example. When it comes to configuring as part of a Mezzio app, please examine ./src/ConfigProvider.php for more information.

Upload, Download and Diff Document Models Against the Remote Repository

If you have setup the "Custom Types API" and have a valid access token to use it, adding the following to your configuration along with the contents of CustomTypeApiConfigProvider will configure 3 additional commands that will enable you to upload, download and diff changes between your local and remote definitions:

// Local Configuration
return [
    'primo' => [

        // ...

        'custom-type-api' => [
            'token' => 'an access token retrieved from repository settings',
            'repository' => 'my-repo', // The repo name such as "my-repo" as opposed to the full url or ""

        // ...

Once configured, you can issue

  • primo:types:download to download all JSON definitions to your local dist directory, or add a type argument to download just one of them.
  • primo:types:upload to upload locally defined definitions to the remote types api make them immediately available in your repository. Again, a type argument will process a single definition.
  • primo:types:diff will produce colourised diffs in your console showing the changes between local and remote.

These tools make use of netglue/prismic-doctype-client, so check that out if you'd like some more information, also link to the Prismic Custom Types API Docs.

Commands that Query a Repository

Theres also some commands for getting information from a repository. These commands are opt-in. During installation there's a config provider called ApiToolsConfigProvider which you can skip if you don't want these tools available.

All of the commands require a configured Api Client, using netglue/prismic-client.

The above mentioned config provider sets up its own factory for the api client, skipping a cache implementation as it's likely that if you are using the tools, you don't want stale information.

Configure the repository somewhere with information similar to:

return [
    'prismic' => [
        'api' => '',
        'token' => null, // Or 'string-access-token'

Currently Available Commands

  • primo:info - Without arguments, provides information about the repository itself
  • primo:info <document-id> - Shows information about a specific document
  • primo:list - Lists the types available in the configured repository
  • primo:list <type> - Lists documents and id's of a specific type

You can try out these commands on the test repo used for the Prismic/Mezzio integration lib we wrote at netglue/primo by running ./example/api-queries.php

Note: This lib is not a replacement for JS cli tooling provided by Prismic…