Zend Framework module that provides assets bundling / caching

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AssetsBundle is a module for Zend Framework providing assets management (bundling & caching) like Css, Js and Less, dependent on modules, controllers and actions . This module supports the concept of the "development/production" environment.

In development :

  • Files are not bundled for easier debugging.
  • Less files are compiled when updated or if an "@import" inside is updated

In production :

  • All files are bundled and cached once only if needed.
  • Assets path are encrypted to mask file tree (with the exception of files in the "assets" directory)

Helping Project

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If you wish to contribute to this project, please read the file. NOTE : If you want to contribute don't hesitate, I'll review any PR.


Name Version
php >=5.3.3
zendframework/zend-eventmanager 2.*
zendframework/zend-http 2.*
zendframework/zend-mvc 2.*
zendframework/zend-modulemanager 2.*
zendframework/zend-config 2.*
zendframework/zend-console 2.*
zendframework/zend-view 2.*
zendframework/zend-serializer 2.*
zendframework/zend-log 2.*
zendframework/zend-i18n 2.*
oyejorge/less.php 1.*
mrclay/minify 2.*
tedivm/jshrink 1.*


  1. Installation
  2. Use with Zend Skeleton Application
  3. Configuration
  4. Custom Js
  5. Console tools
  6. FAQ
  7. PHP Doc
  8. Code Coverage