This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Arch is a pre-build admin panel for web application.

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Table of Content

Version Compatibility

Laravel Arch
5.8.x 1.1.x
6.x 2.x
7.x 3.x

Quick Installation

$ composer create-project nasrulhazim/arch project-name --prefer-dist

Navigate to project-name and duplicate .env.example to .env. Update your configuration then run the following command:

$ bin/install

This will install all the Arch dependencies - backend and frontend, and also setup migration & seeders.


Following are the commands available for your development:

Bash Scripts

Arch come with numbers of bash scripts, to simplify development tasks. This scripts only works in Linux environment:

Following are the available bash scripts:

  1. bin/changelog - Create changelog file based on give date range.
  2. bin/clear-cache - Clear all related caches available in the Arch.
  3. bin/csfix - Apply PHP CS Fixer and commit.
  4. bin/install - Install Arch.
  5. bin/reload-db - Recache & reload database.
  6. bin/serve - Setup Valet link, secure the domain and open the domain.
  7. bin/update-dependencies - Run composer update and commit if any changes.

Arch Page

Is a command create necessary model, migration, factory, seeder, controller for web and API, setting up routes for API, web, datatable and breadcrumb and create all main views - index, show, create, edit and partis/actions.

You just need to run following command to create a page.

You may want to check and update generated files to meet the common practice.

$ php artisan arch:page Module

Reload All Caches

$ php artisan reload:cache

Reload Database and Seed

$ php artisan reload:db

Seed Development Data

$ php artisan seed:dev

Create Transformer Class

$ php artisan make:transformer UserTransformer Models\\User

Create Datatable Class

$ php artisan make:dt UserDt Models\\User Datatable\\UserTransformer

Contributing to the Arch

Contributions can be made to the Arch's respective component repositories:

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Arch, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.