Audit changes of your Eloquent models in Laravel/Lumen

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This package will help you understand changes in your Eloquent models, by providing information about possible discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate business concerns or suspect activities.

Laravel Auditing allows you to keep a history of model changes by simply using a trait. Retrieving the audited data is straightforward, making it possible to display it in various ways.

Official Documentation

The package documentation can be found on the official website or at the documentation repository.

Version Information

Version Illuminate Status PHP Version
12.x 6.x.x - 8.x.x Active support 🚀 >= 7.3 | 8.0
11.x 5.8.x - 8.x.x Active support >= 7.3
10.x 5.8.x - 7.x.x Active support >= 7.2.5
9.x 5.8.x - 6.x.x Active support >= 7.1.3
8.x 5.2.x - 5.7.x Active support >= 7.0.13
7.x 5.2.x - 5.6.x End of life >= 7.0.13
6.x 5.2.x - 5.6.x End of life >= 7.0.13
5.x 5.2.x - 5.5.x End of life >= 7.0.13
4.x 5.2.x - 5.5.x End of life >= 5.5.9
3.x 5.2.x - 5.4.x End of life >= 5.5.9
2.x 5.1.x - 5.3.x End of life >= 5.5.9


Please see the contributing entry for more details.



The Laravel Auditing package is open source software licensed under the MIT LICENSE.