Mothership's PHP5 framework for building modular systems

4.16.0 2016-04-22 14:21 UTC

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Last update: 2021-01-05 20:54:40 UTC


What is Cog?

Cog is Mothership's Symfony-based PHP framework.

What services does Cog define?

Cog defines the following services on the service container. Don't overwrite any of these in your application unless you want to replace the functionality of this service with your own class.

  • class.loader This is the Composer autoloader class which is based on Symfony's autoloader.
  • http.request.master This is the Message\Cog\HTTP\Request instance for the current master request.
  • bootstrap.loader This is an instance of Message\Cog\Bootstrap\Loader.
  • app.loader This is the instance of the application loader class, which will be the installation's sublass of Message\Cog\Application\Loader.
  • module.loader This is an instance of Message\Cog\Module\Loader.

What global events does Cog fire?

  • terminate This is the very last thing that happens for any Cog request. Use this event for stopping debug timers; garbage collection; data logging; etc.
  • cog.load.success Fired once Cog is ready to use (but before modules have been loaded). All of Cog's event handlers and services will be setup and registered by this point.

Running tests

To execute all tests run phpunit in the root of the site.

You can run tests for individual components by running phpunit --testsuite <componentname>

e.g phpunit --testsuite Routing or phpunit --testsuite Application

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