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Laravel starter kit


composer create-project melihovv/laravel-starter-kit super-project


  • app/User.php move to app/Models/User.php
  • AdditionalMethods trait for Eloquent models
  • sqlite database connection for in-memory tests by default in phpunit.xml
  • TestHelpers trait
  • additional helpers
  • custom configs for phpcs
  • abstract FormRequest class
  • abstract console Command class
  • commands to run phpunit tests, phpcs and phpcpd analysis
  • don't allow mocking of non existent methods (Mockery)
  • required extensions in composer.json

Installed packages

Things you may want to do manually

  • name of your app in config/app.php
  • timezone in config/app.php
  • locale in config/app.php
  • enable laravel-plugin in PhpStorm