An Object Hydrator that allows very fast array to object to array conversion

3.1.0 2019-08-06 10:19 UTC


GeneratedHydrator is a library about high performance transition of data from arrays to objects and from objects to arrays.

This project is forked from all credits goes to Marco Pivetta, original author of this library. This project will remain API compatible with it.

Differences are:

  • it does not use nikic/php-parser dependency, which causes us serious dependency hell on many projects,

  • it does not use ocramius/code-generator-utils for the very same reason,

  • code is much more shorted and faster for hydrator class generation, and simpler to maintain in time,

  • we needed at some point PHP 5.6 compatibility, this package temporarily restores it, and will dropped again in late 2019.

Apart from those few differences, generated hydrator code remain the same and perform equivalently.


  • 2.0 branch is for php 5.6 and compatible with with ocramius/generated-hydrator until end of 2018
  • master as no releases yet, is php 7.2 only.