Imagemagick wrapper for Symfony

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This bundle is a fork of the SnowcapImBundle.

The current version (3.x) of the bundle works with Symfony 4.4 & Symfony 5.

For older versions of Symfony:

  • Use version 2.1+ for Symfony between 3.3 and 4.4
  • Use version < 2.1 for Symfony < 3.3

You can check the changelog for version 3 and the upgrade document when upgrading from 2.x bundle version.


Imagemagick wrapper for Symfony.

It's a general wrapper to access imagemagick command line functions, instead of using bindings like iMagick, which doesn't cover all the imagemagick functionalities.

It allows you to use all the convert/mogrify power, from your controller or your views

See the Documentation and examples


Feel free to contribute, like sending pull requests to add features/tests or creating issues :)

Note there are a few helpers to maintain code quality, that you can run using these commands:

composer cs:dry # Code style check
composer phpstan # Static analysis
vendor/bin/phpunit # Run tests