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The KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle makes your life easier by providing a couple of small but usefull helper services you can use and re-use in your applications. We already implemented an easy to use cipher service and a shell helper service for you but feel free to send in a pull request with your additions. The shell helper allows you to run apps in the background, see if a process is running and has a method to kill a running process. The cipher service allow you to encode and decode strings using the Rijndael 256 cipher

Maintainers: roderik, Kunstmaan
Homepage: https://github.com/Kunstmaan/KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle
Canonical: https://github.com/Kunstmaan/KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle
Source: https://github.com/Kunstmaan/KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle/tree/master