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Kunstmaan's packages

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan Admin bundle supplies your project with a basic, elegant backend interface you can modify and extend so you can make your perfect admin module. The clean interface makes it straightforward for you and the people working with it to change settings and modify content.

  • PHP


    Every website contains several lists of content ranging from articles on a blog, to drop down values. The KunstlaanAdminListBundles takes CRUD a step further by supplying filtering, exports to csv and editing capabilities to these content entities.

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan Anomy Bundle provides a symfony command to use a mysql dump and anonymize it wiht Faker.

  • PHP


    Add articles to your website. Use the KunstmaanGeneratorBundle to generate a new Overview/Detail article section for your website

  • PHP


    Extends the MinkContext and adds some additional (sub)contexts like creating a screenshot when a step fails or wait for Ajax to finish before continuing assertPageContainsText()

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan CMS is an advanced yet user-friendly content management system, based on the full stack Symfony framework combined with a whole host of community bundles. It provides a full featured, multi-language CMS system with an innovative page and form assembling process, versioning, workflow, translation and media managers and much more.

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan Cache bundle supplies your project with the ability to ban certain pages from Varnish from within KunstmaanCMS

  • PHP


    The Twig provider from Silex for Cilex

  • kunstmaan/cms-pack

    A pack for KunstmaanCMS

  • kunstmaan/cms-skeleton

    A skeleton to start your new Kunstmaan CMS website

  • PHP


    The default code quality configuration files for Kunstmaan projects.

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan Config bundle supplies your project with custom configuration entities that can be managed from within KunstmaanCMS

  • PHP


    The Kunstmaan Cookie Bundle provides a cookie bar; detailed pop-up window and a similar page explaining each type of cookie used on the website.

  • JavaScript


    The Kunstmaan Dashboard bundle adds a system to build advanced dashboards in the admin area of the CMS. Currently it features a large Google Analytics integration.

  • PHP


    With this bundle you'll be able to create fixtures through yaml files in an easy way