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Syrup is a framework for rapid development of Keboola Connection components (i.e. extractors). It is based on Symfony2 framework.

1) Installing Syrup

When it comes to installing the Syrup, you have the following options.

  • Clone from BitBucket (recommended)
  • Download an Archive File

Create app/config/parameters.yml from paramters.yml.dist file.

Run "composer install" from command line.

Setup virtual host.

2) Deployment

Deployment to production is server is managed by Capifony.

There are 2 stages:

  • Local
  • Production

Local stage is used to deploy Syrup to devel server. Production is used to deploy to 2 production servers - syrup-a and syrup-b.

To deploy to production server run:

cap production deploy

This will install the newset release and create a symlink "latest" that points to this release.

You can test this latest release on the url:


Latest: ( or respectively)
Current: ( or



When everything is working fine, run:

cap production deploy:create_symlink

To let the "current" symlink point to the latest realease.