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Object Encryptor

Library provides interface for encrypting PHP arrays, stdclass objects and scalars. A cipher may contain additional metadata which limits the conditions under which it may be decrypted. The library uses the defuse/php-encryption encryption method with AWS KMS or Azure Key Vault managed keys.


The library supports PHP 7.4+.


Entry point to the library is the ObjectEncryptorFactory class which creates instances of ObjectEncryptor class which has encryptGeneric, encryptForComponent, encryptForProject, encryptForConfiguration and corresponding decryptXXX methods. The actual encryption and decryption mechanisms are implemented using Crypto Wrappers. Crypto wrappers implement different verification methods using cypher metadata.


Initialize the library using the factory class:

$encryptor = ObjectEncryptorFactory::getEncryptor(
    new EncryptorOptions(
$encryptor->encryptForComponent('secret', 'my-component');

Alternatively, you can use getAwsEncryptor and getAzureEncryptor to get cloud specific object encryptors.


Depending on the provided keys and parameters, the following wrappers will be available:

  • GenericKMSWrapper - current AWS wrapper for KBC::Secure:: ciphers, requires kmsKeyId and kmsRegion. Also, the runner must have AWS credentials available (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)
  • ComponentKMSWrapper - current AWS wrapper for KBC::ComponentSecure:: ciphers, requires kmsKeyId, kmsRegion, stackId and componentId
  • ProjectKMSWrapper - current AWS wrapper for KBC::ProjectSecure:: ciphers, requires kmsKeyId, kmsRegion, stackId, componentId and projectId.
  • ConfigurationKMSWrapper - current AWS wrapper for KBC::ConfigSecure:: ciphers, requires kmsKeyId, kmsRegion, stackId, componentId, projectId and configurationId.
  • GenericAKVWrapper - current Azure wrapper for KBC::SecureKV:: ciphers, requires akvUrl. Also, the runner must have AWS credentials available (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)
  • ComponentAKVWrapper - current Azure wrapper for KBC::ComponentSecureKV:: ciphers, requires akvUrl, stackId and componentId
  • ProjectAKVWrapper - current Azure wrapper for KBC::ProjectSecureKV:: ciphers, requires akvUrl, stackId, componentId and projectId.
  • ConfigurationAKVWrapper - current Azure wrapper for KBC::ConfigSecureKV:: ciphers, requires akvUrl, stackId, componentId, projectId and configurationId.

During encryption, the wrapper has to be specified (each encryptXXX method uses one). During decryption, the wrapper is chosen automatically by the cipher prefix. This means that decryptForConfiguration method is also capable of decrypting ciphers created by encryptForComponent or encryptForProject ciphers. If the wrapper is not available (key or parameters are not set or equal to those in the cipher), the value cannot be deciphered and an exception is thrown.



  • configured az and aws CLI tools (run az login and aws configure --profile keboola-dev-platform-services)
  • installed terraform ( and jq ( to setup local env
  • installed docker and docker-compose to run & develop the app
cat <<EOF > ./provisioning/local/terraform.tfvars
name_prefix = "name" # your name/nickname to make your resource unique & recognizable

terraform -chdir=./provisioning/local init
terraform -chdir=./provisioning/local apply
./provisioning/local/ aws # or azure

docker-compose run --rm tests


MIT licensed, see LICENSE file.