A PHP wrapper for loading pages through PhantomJS

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v3.1.5 2015-02-17 14:23 UTC


Please Note: Version 4.0 of this library is currently waiting on an unresolved issue with PhantomJS 2.0.

PHP PhantomJS is a flexible PHP library to load pages through the PhantomJS headless browser and return the page response. It is handy for testing websites that demand javascript support and also supports screen captures.

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Feature List

  • Load webpages through the PhantomJS headless browser
  • View detailed response data including page content, headers, status code etc.
  • Handle redirects
  • View javascript console errors
  • View detailed PhantomJS debugged information
  • Save screen captures to local disk
  • Set viewport size
  • Define screen capture x, y, width and height parameters
  • Delay page rendering for a specified time
  • Execute PhantomJS with command line options
  • Easily build and run custom PhantomJS scripts

Upgrading From v2.*

If you are using a version of PHP PhantomJS prior to version v3.0.0 then you should note that there have been some major changes to the interface. Please view the Full Documentation as a guide when upgrading your implementation.