A generic contao filter.

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This bundle offers a generic filter module to use with arbitrary contao entities containing standard filter with initial filters and filter form types including symfony form type representations.


  • Form handling using symfony form component
  • Form rendering by using symfony form templates (currently available: bootstrap 3-5, foundation, div, table)
  • Numerous symfony form types supported
  • Highly customizable and detached from tl_module table
  • Label/Message handling using symfony translations
  • Render form always empty (without user selection)
  • Merge data over multiple filter forms with same form name
  • Default Values (can be overwritten by user)
  • Initial Values (can`t be overwritten by user)
  • Stores filter data in session (no GET parameter URL remnant)
  • Content element "Filter-Preselect" with optional redirect functionality to preselect filter on given page
  • Content element "Filter-Hyperlink" with filter preselect feature
  • Integrations:
    • codefog/contao-news_categories
    • codefog/tags-bundle
    • heimrichhannot/contao-categories-bundle
    • heimrichhannot/contao-encore-bundle



  1. Install with composer or contao manager

    composer require heimrichhannot/contao-filter-bundle
  2. Update database

We recommend to use this bundle toghether with List Bundle and Reader Bundle.


  1. Create a filter configuration within System -> Filter & sort configuration
  2. Add filter elements to the filter config.
  3. If you want to show the filter somewhere (for example to filter a list), create a filter/sort frontend module.

Wrapper elements (DateRange, ProximitySearch, ...)

The Wrapper element has to be places before the fields associated with them. For example the date_range wrapper element needs to be placed before the two associated date fields.


Filter Bundle Forms are not typical GET-Forms, so it is not possible to simple copy the filter urls to share or bookmark a filtered list. To overcome this limitation, preselect urls can be generated. Preselect urls for the current filter can be found within template variabled, you can create a preselect content element or get the url programmatically from the FilterConfig.

Template variables

If a filter is set, the variable preselectUrl contains the preselection url for the current filter. It's available in the filter templates and the frontend module template.

You can for example create a copy preselect url button:

{% if preselectUrl is defined and preselectUrl is not empty %}
   <div class="col-xd-12 col-md-3">
   <a class="btn btn-primary" onclick="navigator.clipboard.writeText('{{ preselectUrl }}');alert('Copied preselect link!');return false;">Filtervorauswahllink kopieren</a>
{% endif %}

Content element

You can use one of the following content elements:

  • "Filter-Preselect" with optional redirect functionality to preselect filter on given page
  • "Filter-Hyperlink" with filter preselect feature


You can generate the preselect link from the FilterConfig instance

use HeimrichHannot\FilterBundle\Manager\FilterManager;

class CustomController {
   private FilterManager $filterManager;
   public function invoke(): string
       $filterConfig = $this->filterManager->findById($this->objModel->filter);
       return !empty($filterConfig->getData()) ? $filterConfig->getPreselectAction($filterConfig->getData(), true) : ''


Insert tag Arguments Description
{{filter_reset_url::*::*}} filter ID :: page ID or alias This tag will be replaced with a reset filter link to an internal page with (replace 1st * with the filter ID, replace 2nd * with the page ID or alias)

Further documentation

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