Contao test case

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5.4.0-RC1 2024-06-25 09:22 UTC


Contao is an open source PHP content management system for people who want a professional website that is easy to maintain. Visit the project website for more information.

The Contao test case provides a PHPUnit test case with some useful methods for testing Contao. Run php composer.phar require --dev contao/test-case to install the package and then use it in your test classes:

use Contao\TestCase\ContaoTestCase;

class MyTest extends ContaoTestCase

Mocking the Symfony container

The getContainerWithContaoConfiguration() method mocks a Symfony container with the default configuration of the Contao core extension.

$container = $this->getContainerWithContaoConfiguration();

echo $container->getParameter('contao.upload_path'); // will output "files"

You can also set a project directory:

$container = $this->getContainerWithContaoConfiguration('/tmp');

echo $container->getParameter('kernel.project_dir'); // will output "/tmp"
echo $container->getParameter('kernel.root_dir'); // will output "/tmp/app"
echo $container->getParameter('kernel.cache_dir'); // will output "/tmp/var/cache"

Mocking the Contao framework

The mockContaoFramework) method mocks an initialized Contao framework.

$framework = $this->mockContaoFramework();

The method automatically adds a Config adapter with the Contao settings:

$framework = $this->mockContaoFramework();
$config = $framework->getAdapter(Contao\Config::class);

echo $config->get('datimFormat'); // will output "'Y-m-d H:i'"

You can optionally add more adapters as argument:

$adapters = [
    Contao\Config::class => $configAdapter,
    Contao\Encryption::class => $encryptionAdapter,

$framework = $this->mockContaoFramework($adapters);

The given Config adapter will overwrite the default Config adapter.

Mocking an adapter

The mockAdapter() method will mock an adapter with the given methods.

$adapter = $this->mockAdapter(['findById']);

$framework = $this->mockContaoFramework([Contao\FilesModel::class => $adapter]);

Adapters with a simple return value like above can be further simplified:

$adapter = $this->mockConfiguredAdapter(['findById' => $model]);

This code does exactly the same as the code above.

Mocking a class with magic properties

The mockClassWithProperties() method mocks a class that uses magic __set() and __get() methods to manage properties.

$mock = $this->mockClassWithProperties(Contao\PageModel::class);
$mock->id = 2;
$mock->title = 'Home';

echo $mock->title; // will output "Home"

If the class to be mocked is read-only, you can optionally pass the properties as constructor argument:

$properties = [
    'id' => 2,
    'title' => 'Home',

$mock = $this->mockClassWithProperties(Contao\PageModel::class, $properties);

echo $mock->title; // will output "Home"

If you need to call a method of the original class, you can pass the method name as third argument. The resulting mock object will be a partial mock object without the given method(s).

$mock = $this->mockClassWithProperties(Contao\PageModel::class, [], ['getTable']);
$mock->id = 2;

echo $mock->getTable(); // will call the original method

Mocking a token storage

The mockTokenStorage() mocks a token storage with a token returning either a Contao back end or front end user.

$tokenStorage = $this->mockTokenStorage(Contao\BackendUser::class);
$user = $tokenStorage->getToken()->getUser();

Using a temporary directory

The getTempDir() method creates a temporary directory based on the test class name and returns its path.

$fs = new Filesystem();

The directory will be removed automatically after the tests have been run. For this to work, please make sure to always call the parent tearDownAfterClass() method if you define the method in your test class!

use Contao\TestCase\ContaoTestCase;

class MyTest extends ContaoTestCase
    public static function tearDownAfterClass()
        // The temporary directory would not be removed without this call!